Must schedule a 15 min. phone consultation prior to scheduling their intake appointment. We will discuss what motivated you to seek counseling and further determine if my services are a good fit for your needs!

“How do I decide if you’re a good fit?”

The relationship between you and your therapist – known as the therapeutic alliance – is the most important factor in a successful therapy experience.

While it’s difficult to be 100% sure of fit from just one phone call, here are questions you may want to ask yourself:

  1. Would I feel comfortable sharing more with this therapist?
  2. Do I feel respected and heard?
  3. Do I think this therapist is knowledgeable and can really help me?
  4. Does this therapist use language that reflects an understanding of my background and identities?

The worst that can happen? We get on the phone and you determine I may not be a good fit for you. No, worries! I am here to help you find a new and better fit. If you are needing referrals or resources, simply contact me here!

The best that can happen? You do feel a strong fit. You begin to feel relieved, and you begin to look forward to your intake appointment and new therapy relationship.

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